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NFTY is a flexible ecosystem that encompasses many different needs. NFTY offers rich contextual information, gets quality feedback, and provides a more efficient business workflow, generating more revenue. All via a simple tag or QR code and the customers smartphone.
Even our name is NFTY.

Restaurants / Bars

NFTY is a powerless tag/QR that turns the user's phone into your point of sale system. The users can order from the menu, rich with contextual information, and NFTY tells you right where they are seated. Optimizing the entire user experience from beginning to end. Signing up with NFTY includes a built in valet system, and a ready to go loyalty program. At a fraction of the cost of a current POS system.

Parking Meters / Small POS needs

Modernize existing parking meters with a web connected pay from phone parking experience. NFTY requires no power and provides an easily maintained, virtually no cost solution to parking.
Need to sell tickets to a small event? Want to offer a low cost automated ordering system for food trucks? NFTY provides the best solution for the user experience, and the most cost efficient POS system ever. NFTY actually molds to your requirements.


Sign in, autofill forms, provide up to date insurance information, all contained in a secure medical report repository via a secure storage on the user’s phone. NFTY provides increased efficiency and access to better data that can increase the actual health outcome of patients.

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